In 2010, Salar and Francesca decide to put together their passions, their abilities and their competencies to make SALAR a success; the intrinsic knowledge of the product, it’s creation and construction on the one side and the analysis of values and communication styles on the other. The brand was born in Milan and was immediately recognized by Vogue Italia as one of the best emerging brands. The experimental approach of the two designers confers the unmistakable style of the brand, very often using materials not always typical of leather manufacturing, as well as productive processes from other spheres which give form and life to the unique designs. However, this innovation is always accompanied by the tradition of Italian excellence which, re-elaborated, gives life to bags conceived as true objects of design, to be collected and exhibited. For this reason, in its lines and volumes, SALAR tells of the contradictions of a universe which is capable of constantly changing, shedding its skin, yet keeping its own essence: bags which are created from lightly intertwined leather, already becoming an icon, daring, with a new, strong elegance inspired by romantic-chic with a touch of rock.